Browser Detection Using Javascript.

navigator.browserDetection= (function(){
var ua= navigator.userAgent, tem,
M= ua.match(/(opera|chrome|safari|firefox|msie|trident(?=\/))\/?\s*(\d+)/i) || [];
tem= /\brv[ :]+(\d+)/g.exec(ua) || [];
return 'IE '+(tem[1] || '');
if(M[1]=== 'Chrome'){
tem= ua.match(/\b(OPR|Edge)\/(\d+)/);
if(tem!= null) return tem.slice(1).join(' ').replace('OPR', 'Opera');
M= M[2]? [M[1], M[2]]: [navigator.appName, navigator.appVersion, '-?'];
if((tem= ua.match(/version\/(\d+)/i))!= null) M.splice(1, 1, tem[1]);
return M.join(' ');

console.log(navigator.browserDetection); // outputs: `Chrome 92`




Software Engineer

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Safaetul Ahasan

Safaetul Ahasan

Software Engineer

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