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  • AB Satyaprakash

    AB Satyaprakash

    Incoming SDE @Oracle | Applications Intern @Oracle | MLSA | MLH | Developer | Competitive Programmer | Mathematics and Computing @IIT Guwahati

  • Sam Hall

    Sam Hall

    Full stack developer and stand-up comic.

  • Tapajyoti Bose

    Tapajyoti Bose

    Top Rated Freelancer || Blogger || Cross-Platform App Developer || Web Developer || Open Source Contributor || FIRE Enthusiast

  • Tara Prasad Routray

    Tara Prasad Routray

    Full Stack Web Developer

  • Edison Devadoss

    Edison Devadoss

    Software developer / JavaScript / React / React Native / Firebase / Node.js / C Programming / Book Reader / Story Teller

  • FAM


    I’m a passionate software engineer and woman in the tech world. Find more about me here: 🔗 www.fatimaamzil.com. I love to learn, help & share❤

  • Rajdeep singh

    Rajdeep singh

    JavaScript || Reactjs || Nextjs || Python || Rust || Biotechnology || Bioinformatic || Front-end Developer || Writer || https://officialrajdeepsingh.dev/

  • Rahul Sharma (DevsMitra)

    Rahul Sharma (DevsMitra)

    I’m a technology enthusiast who does web development. Passionate to contribute to open-source projects and make cool products.

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