User Role and Permission(Laravel)

  1. Add new field in User table:


2. Crete Model and Table:

php artisan make:model Role -m

3. Create Relationship with user table and roles table.


public function roles()
return $this->belongsTo(Role::class);




public function users()
return $this->hasMany(User::class);

4. App/Providers/AuthServiceProvider.php

Gate::before(function ($user) {
if ($user->id == "1") {
return true;
Gate::define('add_category', function($user) {

$role = \App\Role::where('id', $user->role)->first();
foreach(json_decode($role->permission,true) as $permission)
if($permission == '1')
return true;


5. Give access by:

you can edit update delete category
@can('isAdmin')You have Admin Access@elsecan('isManager')<div class="btn btn-primary btn-lg">You have Manager Access</div>@else




Software Engineer

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Safaetul Ahasan

Safaetul Ahasan

Software Engineer

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